Teams Serve in Local Church

The FBBC fall sports teams including women's volleyball, men's and women's soccer and cross country team ministered this past Sunday evening at Fellowship Baptist Church in Des Moines, Iowa.  

Over the past several years the teams have represented FBBC & TS within the Des Moines area local churches to encourage church family members, strenghten relationships with the churches, and provide student athletes opportunities to serve.  
The ministry at Fellowship Baptist was an opportunity granted by Pastor Jeff Holub.  Pastor Holub has been a strong supporter of FBBC & TS and is actively involved in the Alumni Association.  Pastor Jeff has sent members of his personal family to the school along with a number of Fellowship Baptist young people. 
Student Athletes provided group singing, vocal and musical instrument specials, testimonies and a bible challenge. All athletes joined voices to form a choir number, while the women and men provided seperate vocal specials.  Athlete testimonies expressed the faithfulness and sustaining grace of God in their lives.  Musical instrument specials included clarinet duo and cello solo.  Sophomore Andrew Young provided a scripture challenge from the book of I Kings 21 on the events of Naboth and the vineyard.
A time of greeting and fellowship with the church family concluded the ministry opportunity.