"Throw Brothers" and a "Flying Sauser" dominate Dick Young Invitational

"Throw Brothers" and a "Flying Sauser" dominate Dick Young Invitational

GRINNELL, Iowa—Jacob Kirkwood and Tanner Van Beek's performance in track and field so far this season has officially earned nickname status.  And so has their coach, Jordan Sauser, following an eventful day of performances at the Dick Young Invitational in Grinnell last Saturday. 

The "Throw Brothers" (or Throw Bros, for short) is the official new nickname of the talented duo of Kirkwood and Van Beek.  Kirkwood won his second meet in a row in the shot put on Saturday, with a season-best throw of 15.09 meters.  Tanner Van Beek had a career-best throw in the javelin of 45.27 meters, good for a third-place finish.

Head Coach Jordan Sauser had the surprise performance of the day (possibly, the surprise performance of the decade) with an unofficial entry into the men's' 400-meter hurdles at the urging of his team.  Sauser, a full ten years removed from collegiate competition, won the event, solidifying his status as the "Flying Sauser," a title bestowed on him by one of his friends.

Kirkwood and Van Beek (Throw Brothers) join elite company in the annals of sports nicknames history--right alongside the Bash Brothers from the 1990's Oakland A's (Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco), the Bad Boys (Detroit Pistons) from the 1980's, the Big Red Machine (Cincinnati Reds) from the 1970's, and the Purple People Eaters (Minnesota Vikings) from the 1960's.

Also joining the Throw Brothers is a new "Throw Sister," as Rebecca Reinertson did her best impersonation of her track and field throwing brothers, finishing 11th in her first-ever javelin competition with a throw of 20.81 meters. 

Eagle's fans have a great chance to catch the Throw Brothers and Throw Sister, and the rest of the Faith Track and Field team, this Friday at the Kip Janvrin Open just down the road in Indianola.  You won't be able to catch the Flying Sauser in action though.  Much like a UFO experience, it was a one-time sighting, albeit a natural phenomenon.