Back to Business: Eagles Get Win Over Spurgeon College

Photo by Anna Smith
Photo by Anna Smith

By Jon Crossman

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – The Eagles improved to 8-5 after a victory Tuesday night, breaking their losing streak at Manhattan over the weekend and setting their sights back on the winning path. Playing in their first of many away games for the week, the Eagles brought out an early onslaught of serves against Spurgeon College for the 3-0 win. The ladies play a series of games later in the week against some tough rivals, so this victory early on is sure to be a good motivator for the remainder of the upcoming games.

Playing with their normal starting lineup back to full strength, the Eagles had a phenomenal early leg up on the Knights, spiking their way to a pronounced first set victory (25-4). The Spurgeon defenders caught on to some of the Eagles' strong hitters and set up on a better positioning tactic, managing to return more balls over the net and provide more of a challenge in the second Eagles win (25-8). With so much momentum going in to the third set, the Eagles were able to put the game away with just about the same result (25-8) and head home with their second victory of the season over Spurgeon College.

Players who dominated the court were Kenna Laib, who's consistent assists (13 assists) off of beautiful setting remains as a key asset for the Eagles' front row, and Kyla Vugteveen in her offensive approach, whose flawless serves and hard-working minutes did not go unnoticed.

The Eagles play next at Maranatha University (9-14) on October 23, at 4:00 p.m.