Women's Soccer Season Review

Women's Soccer Season Review
The 2019 women's soccer season was exciting from start to finish! The team already had a strong culture of playing for the glory of God. This was evident in our first video chat meeting with the team back in April, which was then reiterated after we sent them the summer workout and they challenged each other with: "Let's do this for God and for each other!" 
Community through Humility was our theme for the season, based on Philippians 2:1-11. We purposed to work together to have the same mind and same love toward one another on and off the field. We talked about being unselfish and humble in the way we treated each other and played together. This was seen in the way we looked out for each other without focusing on ourselves. We looked at Christ's example of humility throughout His life on earth and His ultimate sacrifice on the cross.  
With that theme, we strived to play with freedom and joy on the field, which can only come from the Lord. This freedom was based on truth from God's word: we were not afraid to fail, nor did we fear rejection, because in Christ we find our value and worth. These truths set us free to play with joy and for His glory on the field without a spirit of fear. 
We did all of that in community as a team and really embraced being a family. It started when we all went to see one of our players get baptized, how we took care of each other on and off of the field, and then it continued after the season when we sent another player flowers from the team for her Grandpa's funeral.  
I would say the key to our season this year was our desire and vision to play together for the glory of God in all that we did, with humility and as a family.  We also had the focus to make that vision happen. It is one thing to say it, and another to live it out consistently. Our team lived it out.   
The 2020 season looks promising, with a strong core returning and a desire to keep building on our success on and off the field this year. 
- Coaches Zack and Katie
Women's Soccer Season Review
December 5, 2019 Women's Soccer Season Review
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